[kleo_row] [kleo_two_third] Kwandashop.com .. JUST CLICK , WE DELIVER . We are Making Selling easy for SME’s in Ghana and beyond. The best and Ultimate online Marketplace in Ghana. We make Shopping Easy and SAFE Online .We bring verified vendors with Quality Products at Great Price. Exceptional Customer Service , Integrity and Prompt Delivery is our Pride.[/kleo_two_third] [/kleo_row]

[kleo_section bg=”” centered=0 border=1][kleo_row][kleo_two_third][kleo_h3] Mission Statement [/kleo_h3][kleo_lead_paragraph] To be the Preferred, Trusted and Valuable online Marketplace in Ghana and beyond. By Making Selling easy for SME’s in Ghana and providing a Secure, Easy and on-time Delivery shopping experience for customers .  [/kleo_lead_paragraph][/kleo_two_third] [kleo_one_third][kleo_h3] Our Values [/kleo_h3] 1:- Believe in GOD . 2:- Integrity  3:-Honesty and Openness 4:-Prompt Delivery 5:- Fun and Creativity Always 6:- Respect for All 7:- Attention to details.[/kleo_one_third][/kleo_row][/kleo_section]